Tips and Guidelines for Events Photography

Whenever we celebrate a special event or occasion, one of the things we always want to have is photo coverage. There is just something special about being able to look back at the fun and meaning of that event simply by looking at the pictures taken during that time. The problem for many people is that the fees charged by professional events photographers can be high. This is why, in many cases, people choose to take event photos themselves.

Below are a few tips that should help you cover your special events beautifully.


Event photography is best accomplished with a DSLR camera because this type of camera gives you the option of shooting in either Aperture or Manual mode. Aperture mode gives you control over how much of the subject is in focus in the picture whereas Manual mode gives you control over a wide variety of camera functions, including the shutter speed and the aperture. Even the most basic DSLR should work well enough, but if you really dont have any formal background in photography and dont want to mess around with a lot of controls, then a high-end point-and-shoot camera will do.


The first (and perhaps most important) technique for events photography is to adopt the mindset that you and your camera are working as one to capture moments. You are ONE UNIT; the camera is an extension of your own body. Once you are able to adopt this mindset, you should be better prepared to start covering any event you may find yourself in.

Tips and Guidelines for Events Photography

Start going around the venue and capturing raw emotions on the faces of everyone at the event, especially the people for whom the event is being heldthe couple at a wedding, the birthday celebrator, the graduate, etc. If you see family member and close friends crying tears of joy, laughing gaily, or expressing any other significant emotion during the event, be sure to capture those moments as well; the people involved would surely love to see such candid photos.

Remember as well that though candid shots are often the most honest and captivating photos, there is also a need to mix up your coverage a bit by taking a number of posed shots. The good news is that there are always some people at any event who would love to have their photos taken. In most cases, these people will be willing to do crazy stuff and exhibit zany poses for you. Grab the opportunity and take as many of those fun shots as possible.

Above all, stay focused. There are naturally a lot of things happening at the same time at any event. You will never be able to control every single detail as you take your shots. That is why you have to make sure you dont let anything distract you from what you have set out to dotake amazing photos.

Hiring a Professional

Of course, there are occasions that are so special that you just cant risk going DIY with your photos; youll have to save up and invest in a professional events photographers services. In this case, youll have to make sure you hire a credible and reliable photographer to ensure you dont waste any amount you worked hard to save for the occasion.

Mike Sia

In Cagayan de Oro, one of the best when it comes to events photography is Mike Sia. Photography became a passion for him after the very first time he covered a wedding, which may be why he is best known for wedding photography. But if you take the time to browse his portfolio, you will see that a wedding isnt the only occasion he is capable of covering in an awe-inspiring manner. He also does debuts, christenings, engagements, and even corporate events. He also shoots the occasional portrait for some clients. If you have to spend money for photo coverage, then why not spend it on the services of the best in the field?

Mike Sia believes in capturing classically elegant and timeless photos that last for generations. He believes in capturing moments that the next generation can marvel at, as they strive to piece together the lives of those who have gone before them. If you hold these same beliefs, and if you believe that the occasions and events that shape your life deserves to be immortalized in photos that paint a thousand words, then you will be sure to appreciate what Mike Sia Photography has to offer. Let his photos be your immortality.



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