Popular Photography Styles of 2016

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No matter where you turn these days, you are bound to see photos. They’re on billboards, newspapers, magazines, phones, websites, and social networking sites. They are everywhere and everyone is using them for a wide variety of reasons and purposes. It’s safe to say you’d be using photos anytime soon, whether for business or pleasure. If you’re fond of taking ... Read More »

Top 5 Things to Do to Start the School Year Right

  For many schools, enrollment has already started. This means that summer vacation is about to end and a new school year about to begin. This is a time when most students will have mixed feelings; theyd most likely be saddened by the thought of their summer escapades coming to an end, but also excited to once again see familiar ... Read More »

CDO City Scoops Kagay-anon Filmmaker Earns International Recognition for Original Short Film

Cagayan de Oro-based writer, producer, and director Joeromer E. Bacus, also known by the name JoeBacs, made the whole city proud after one of his original short films was chosen by a prominent film festival in Germany for an international screening last November 13-22, 2015. Bacus Happy Fiesta, a 9-minute silent film that was produced and shot in Cagayan de ... Read More »

Simonette Sagaral – A Creative, Passionate, Talented Kagay-anon

If you were among those people who joined last year’s Kagay-an Festival celebration, then perhaps you remember the official logo that was used during the event—the one with red, yellow, green, blue, and white colors and with the word Higalaay drawn like a group of people having fun. The logo could still be seen today on people wearing Higalaay Shirts ... Read More »

NEXT MOVES – CdeO’s Dance Masters

Cagayan de Oro is blessed enough to have great individuals who excel in the things that they love and passionate in doing. You may know a lot of popular local musicians here in the city—but you probably only know a handful of talented local dance groups. It’s amazing how colleges and universities in this city bond together in order to ... Read More »

Shaun Pilapil – An All-in-One Kagayanon Talent

They say that when we love something with all our heart, it would be pretty hard to get the thought of it out of our system. Now if you love a lot of things, managing them is absolutely not a problem—because if these are the things that you really want to do, just who in the world would even try ... Read More »

Photography through the Eyes of Mike Sia

What are special moments without photographers? It’s almost impossible to have an event without them. Of course you can just tell a random person to shoot pictures in special occasions like weddings and baptisms but if you want professional shot, you know you can’t just simply point and shoot your camera. Your pictures should also tell a unique story. Though ... Read More »

Rudolf Golez – Bringing Musical Talent to the West

If you’re from Cagayan de Oro, the name Rudolf Golez might be familiar to you already. Aside from being the current Vice President for Cultural Affairs in Liceo de Cagayan University, he has been praised by many due to his exceptional piano skills. His great passion for music will soon soar high as he prepares for his upcoming concert this ... Read More »