Green Breakthroughs 2016: Building with the Environment


In recent years, people seem to have finally realized how much human activities have damaged the environment, and this realization finally made people acknowledge the need to take steps to reverse as much of the damage as possible and protect the environment from further destruction. This is why it is now more common to hear people talking about “green” initiatives, ... Read More »

Tips and Guidelines for Events Photography

Whenever we celebrate a special event or occasion, one of the things we always want to have is photo coverage. There is just something special about being able to look back at the fun and meaning of that event simply by looking at the pictures taken during that time. The problem for many people is that the fees charged by ... Read More »

Italpinas Development Corporation: The Stock Market Journey

Photo from Italpinas Facebook page

We all know Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) as the company behind Cagayan de Oro’s green development projects, Primavera Residences and Primavera City. We have witnessed the growth of their projects in the city’s uptown district and are aware of their dedication and commitment to sustainable development. But what do we know about the company’s journey in the world of investments ... Read More »

VjANDEP Pastel: Where to Buy this Pinoy Favorite?

Filipinos are natural gift-givers. Whenever we go someplace else, even if its only for a weekend vacation, we tend to buy souvenirs and small gifts for family and friends who were unable to go on vacation with us. And those of us who are now working or living abroad would spend months packing gifts into huge boxes that they bring ... Read More »

Priometal Mindanao Corporation: A Top Construction Company in CDO

Priometal Mindanao Corporation: A Top Construction Company in CDO

Since the 1980s, the concept of sustainability has been heavily promoted by people who actively campaign against acts that compromise the world’s future or acts that are good only for the here and now. At that time, however, discussions on sustainability focused mainly on ecology and the environment—the value of conserving water, maintaining air purity, etc. Today, the term “sustainability” ... Read More »

Jaybuilders’ Industries Inc.: Committed to Excellence

We can’t deny the fact that steel has an important role to play in society. For one thing, a huge part of modern construction is highly dependent on solid steel structures. And steel is used in many other applications aside from construction. Where steel engineering is concerned, one of the biggest industries is steel fabrication. It is no wonder, then, ... Read More »

Vjandep Pastel: A Hobby Turned Dream-come-true

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.37.37 PM

If you ever find yourself at any of the airports in the Philippines when a plane has just arrived from Cagayan de Oro (from the Laguindingan Airport, to be specific), you’ll most likely notice that a lot of the passengers are bringing boxes of Vjandep Pastel in the same way they bring otap when they come from Cebu or strawberry ... Read More »

The Calda Pizza Menu: More Than Just Pizza

Calda Pizza is a popular hangout place among pizza lovers. It is best known for their delicious and crispy thin crust pizza that comes in different affordable sizes, including the whopping 36-inch giant-sized pizza that will surely satisfy every craving. Their menu is comprised of a wide array of delicacies, from Italian-inspired pizza creations to unique Filipino-style flavors that we ... Read More »

Picture Perfect with Mike Sia Photography

Wedding Gown

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” -Marc Riboud Imagine life without photographs. Unbearable, right? Photographs are among the most useful inventions man had ever made. Introduced first in 1800s, photographs have given us a new way to share stories and news, preserve history and memories, and savor life. With every picture captured, a story gets ... Read More »