Top 5 Inventions by Pinoys That Changed the World

Filipinos are known to be among the happiest people in the world. We have experienced a lot of tragedies and disasters, and yet we have remained unfaltering and we never forget to laugh and be optimistic. But apart from these amazing traits, did you know that Filipinos have also contributed a lot of incredible inventions that have made the world ... Read More »

The Greatest Pinoy Inventors and Their Contributions

It is true that when it comes to technological advancement, the Philippines is far behind powerful countries such as the USA, Russia, Germany, and China, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are not as intellectually gifted and innovative as they are. As a matter of fact, a lot of Filipinos have contributed incredible and revolutionary inventions that have made the ... Read More »

Top 5 Things to Do to Start the School Year Right

  For many schools, enrollment has already started. This means that summer vacation is about to end and a new school year about to begin. This is a time when most students will have mixed feelings; theyd most likely be saddened by the thought of their summer escapades coming to an end, but also excited to once again see familiar ... Read More »

Where and How Pinoys Celebrate Graduation

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The months of March and April are graduation months in the Philippines, which means they are months of celebration. There is indeed a need for celebration, as graduation is a great milestone in any student’s life. The graduation ceremony is the culmination of years of hard work and the diploma is the reward. And because Filipinos value education so much, ... Read More »

Connie Fortich – Cagayan de Oro’s FITSPIRATION

Most of us have always included becoming fit and healthy in our to-do list, but when it comes to encouraging ourselves to hit the gym and do some serious lifting or adapt a healthier standard of living, we lack motivation. We always have reasons why we can’t stay fit or adjust to a healthy lifestyle. It’s either we are too ... Read More »

Xavier University Graduate Ranks 7th in Agricultural Exams

One of the in-demand college courses that are being offered in Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan is Agriculture. Regardless of the increased demand for graduates under IT and the related courses, Agriculture graduates are still in demand especially in our country, which has a balance of urban and rural industries. Besides, you really can’t deny that we are in ... Read More »