Poetry in Music – CDO Pianist Rudolf Golez

Admit it; when you hear beautiful music, it’s pretty difficult to get it out of your system. Music has long been part of our existence. It can be the perfect stress reliever, the perfect way to express what you feel, and so on.   As different music genres continue to conquer the airwaves as well as the world of the ... Read More »

Arthur – Another CDO Indie Band to Watch For

The city of Cagayan de Oro City isn’t just a beautiful and progressive place, it is also a place where talented musicians and bands are born—and among them is the pop/experimental rock band Arthur. Formed last 2012 and comprised of Katrina Salazar (vocalist), Ralph Marfa (bassist), Andre Alay (guitarist), Mark Flores (guitarist) and Mac Somoza (drummer), the band has been ... Read More »

Sir Charles Abing – Musician, Composer, Educator, and Certified Kagay-anon

For years now, Charles Abing has been unceasingly helping aspiring Kagay-anon musicians to a promising career through sharing his talent and becoming an inspiration to everyone. Charles or Sir Charles, as what his peers and students fondly call him, is currently Liceo de Cagayan University’s Dean of College of Music. He has been tirelessly assisting and training fellow musicians not ... Read More »

Dodu Abrio & The Viajeros – Peace and Music Advocates


Cagayan de Oro City is the home of many talented and world-class musicians, and Dodu Abrio is among them. But he isn’t just the typical artist who creates music to entertain people and make a name for himself; he uses his talent to help promote peace and unity not just in our locality but all throughout the country. Instead of ... Read More »