8 Ways of Eating Pizza and the Personalities They Reveal

A treat that originated in Naples, Italy, but is now an all-time favorite all over the world. What is it? Pizza, of course!

The fact that pizza is loved by almost everyone across the globe means you can expect it to come in countless flavors, sizes, and even shapes. It also means there isn’t just one way to enjoy this mouthwatering treat. Here are examples of how different people eat pizza:

    1. With a fork and knifepizza-fork-knifeSome people argue that pizza is finger food and you shouldn’t be using utensils when eating it, but using a knife and fork is actually a legitimate way of enjoying this all-time favorite treat, especially if we’re talking about deep-dish pizza. Regardless of whether it’s legit or not, though, we can’t deny the fact that many people enjoy eating pizza with a fork and knife. It is said that these individuals are typically refined and traditional; they’re the ones who take calculated steps towards a goal, as they do not like jumping into things.
    2. Folded in halffolded-pizzaThis is another quirky way of eating pizza that has many people raising their eyebrows. It is said that those who like eating pizza in this manner are people who are always on-the-go and always need one of their hands free to do something else, even as they eat. Talk about multi-tasking! Perhaps that conclusion was made because most of the people who fold pizza in half are New Yorkers who buy pizza for a quick lunch.
    3. Stackingstacked-pizza-2Some people put one slice of pizza over another, either facing the same way like a double-decker or facing each other like a sandwich. It is said that these people are those who are always ready to take on any challenge. You can also expect these people to put their fries in a milkshake or their chips in a sandwich, just to try something different.
    4. Backwards
      Eating the crust first makes a pizza slice very difficult to hold, but some people do it that way, anyway. It is said that these are the kinds of people who are rebellious, always going against the norms. They often break the rules or find ways to circumvent them, and they don’t really care much what other people think.
    5. Facial-style
      Some people take a napkin and then dab at the pools of oil on top of the cheese (in the same way you’d remove excess oil from your face with a facial tissue) before taking a bite. Did you know that this actually removes 36 calories from the pizza slice? Needless to say, the people who do this are the health-conscious. They are also those who do not want a mess on their hands (literally).
    6. Cut into squarespizza-squaresThere are those who do not want to have to think about whether they should fold the pizza slice or use a knife and fork. These people have their pizza cut into small squares, which are a lot easier to handle. Those who appreciate square-cut pizza are typically individuals who want to keep things simple. If you’re one of these people, Calda Pizza is the place for you because this is exactly how they slice their pizza.
    7. Leave the crustpizza-crustSome people just eat the part with the toppings. They do not like the empty, doughy end. It’s as simple as that. These people are said to be those who are extremely organized; they are very good at keeping their work and private life separate from each other. You can expect their activities to be properly planned months in advance.
    8. Remove the toppings
      This is perhaps the weirdest way to eat pizza, but we’re not judging! Some people just want to set aside the toppings, leaving only the cheese and sauce on the pizza. They then eat the toppings first or eat them after they consume the pizza slice, depending on whether they believe in enjoying the good things first or saving the best for last. These people are said to be easy-going and the ones who like taking things slow. They are willing to make some effort just to be able to savor the best things life has to offer.

    It is fun knowing that the way we eat pizza says quite a lot about our personality, isn’t it? At the very least, it tells us that there really is no right or wrong way to eat pizza. What’s important is that we enjoy it. So, how do you eat your pizza?

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