Destination Weddings Are Better with a Professional Photographer

Destination Weddings Are Better with a Professional Photographer


Planning conventional weddings are daunting as it is, what with all the location scouting, figuring out the floral arrangements, deciding on a menu, debating about whether to get a band or a DJ, finalizing the seating arrangements, sending out invitations and RSVPs, finding the perfect motif and wedding dress, and so on. All of these elements, and more, can be overwhelming to any couple.

At some point during this chaotic and nerve-wracking process, however, most couples do entertain the idea of a destination wedding. Who doesn’t want to tie the knot in one of the most majestic spots in Hawaii, Paris, or Rome? Everyone, at some point in their lives, dream of exchanging vows with their significant other in a unique and breathtaking location where time seems to stand still.

But then reality sets in.

If planning a conventional wedding is already hectic and overwhelming, how much more with organizing a destination wedding? This is why most couples simply drop the idea of a destination wedding completely, because there seems to be too much work, effort, and money involved in the process.

But destination weddings are much simpler and effortless than you think. If you’re daring enough as a couple and you don’t mind spending a little more time planning and making the effort, you might just be able to make your dream destination wedding come true.


Fantastic Reasons for Choosing a Destination Wedding

  1. You can choose to hold your big day anywhere you want.

A wedding is a celebration of the love between two individuals. As a couple, you want to experience this glorious day with your family and some of your closest friends. However, you also want to celebrate this memorable day in a place that’s meaningful and ideal to you both. This is what a destination wedding can offer.

Having your wedding take place at least 100 miles away from your home constitutes a destination wedding. Can you imagine the opportunities that await you and your significant other?

  1. Your wedding will be more memorable and stand out from the rest.

To every couple, their wedding is always going to be memorable to them. But let’s face it, conventional weddings are, well, too conventional at times. If you want your big day to stand out from the pack, a day that not only you and your partner will remember, but the rest of your guests as well, then travelling a hundred miles to a beautiful and unique location will definitely do the trick.

  1. Destination weddings are easier to organize than you think.

The thought of going to a far away location to hold a wedding does feel quite daunting and overwhelming. Planning a typical wedding is tough enough, right? But there are resorts and popular wedding destinations that actually offer free assistance in organizing such events. There are wedding-worthy locations that even offer customizable packages at reasonable prices.

There’s actually less stress, and effort, involved with opting for a destination wedding. All you have to do is spend a few moments of your time to do some research online, and you’re bound to find a suitable dream location for your wedding.

  1. You can actually save money on decorations and floral arrangements.

One of the most appealing aspects of a destination wedding is the readily available scenic views and breathtaking backdrops. If you hold the ceremony in one of the beautiful gardens in France or Japan, you’re already set for a gorgeous floral backdrop. A scenic view of the ocean, a mountainside, or a lake, outdoor vistas as your backdrop, can you imagine how awesome that would be?

That’s not all.

If you enlist a professional photographer to capture each and every moment, you will be able to encapsulate this joyous occasion in the most beautiful and artistic way possible.

  1. It can be a legitimate excuse to limit your guest list.

Do you have an uncle or a relative who’s a terrible drunk? Do you have anyone in your life you feel obligated to invite just because they’re your relatives? A destination wedding would provide a legitimate excuse not to invite those people.

Because of the required travel and the commitment to stay in a hotel or resort, you will have the perfect excuse to narrow down your guest list. “It’s a simple ceremony with close friends and family.” That line is so cliché, but in this case, it holds true.



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